A large contemporary garden design project on the outskirts of Chester.

A huge 8 acre site which will be fully landscaped and carried out over several phases. The design is centred around creating and emphasizing the lovely views around the land whilst making the garden at the rear of the property feel like an extension of the house. The design is modern and minimal, using materials such as cast and polished concrete to complement the clients tastes and house style, yet naturalistic planting and a restrained colour palette will help the space sit beautifully and comfortably in the surrounding countryside.

Main features include: 2 generously sized seating areas with bespoke pergolas, fireplaces and outdoor kitchen, 2 childrens play areas, one with brightly coloured and patterned wet pour safety surfacing and plenty of play equipment, the other a rustic adventure playground set in their existing woodland. A series of pools and cantilevered cast concrete rills that lead to a sunken focal point at the end of the garden and a sculpture hidden in the woodland beyond. There will also be 2 walled kitchen gardens at the side of the house, one is formal with a sunken herb garden in the centre and with framed views of the fields beyond, the other a wild area for cutting flowers, wild herbs and fruit shrubs.

Additionally, the existing clay lined pond has leaked and needs dredging. It will be totally redesigned with large sandstone boulders to form a natural water cascade and planted with natives. A minimalist summerhouse complete will wood burner and green roof sit on a cantilevered pier.  In the field adjacent to the house, an orchard will be planted up and an arboretum in the lowest area will have specimens for autumn and winter interest. The trees will also be able to tolerate the poorly draining alkaline clay soil. Several large trees will be planted in the centre of the field. Planting will have different colour themes for each area but will be unified by several of the same key plants which will be repeated throughout.

Ornamental grasses and delicate perennials in a naturalistic, prairie style of planting will be key to the design. The areas by the house are more floriferous with warm pinks and purples by the dining area and cool soothing blues, greens and creams by the relaxation area. Planting becomes simpler and more natural as the you get further from the house with large swathes of grasses sweeping around the edges of the garden. Key species will be repeated around the garden for a coherant and unified scheme. Grassy meadows will surround the pond helping to blend the boundaries. 

The lighting design is extensive and will play a strong part in the design. LEDs strips will be integrated and hidden in key features to give a clean outline and recessed uplights and spotlights will bathe major specimens and structures in a soft light. All light fittings will be discreet.

Paths, fencing and bespoke cantilevered pergolas will link all areas together and provide the clients with a means to amble around the grounds and enjoy the different areas.

Practical issues such as poor drainage across much of the site will be tackled prior to works starting.

Due to start Spring 2015

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