Alex is the official distributor of the Treebox Green Walling System for the Northwest, Northeast and Midlands. Over the last few years she has collaborated with the company on numerous occasions and gained much experience with the system, finding it to be easy to install and of very high quality.

Living walls are a relatively new phenomena but until recently were only really available commercially due to the awkward nature and high expense of the early modular systems. Over the last 5 or so years, new more practical and easy to use systems have come to the market. This, combined with the visual, environmental and health benefits of creating green walls makes them a highly desirable addition to any garden and essential if you have a small, urban outdoor space.

Product overview Treebox are a London based company who are leading the way with the latest Green Wall Technology and have had huge success with living walls nationwide. They offer an array of versatile products to create lush, living walls with and are available for residential or commercial projects. The system comes in panel form and each one has a series of deep troughs that allow for the use of larger more instant plants and for increased longevity of wall. Irrigation is provided and can (for small walls) be linked to a water butt/reservoir or (for larger walls) to a water supply and timer. Good news for those in areas prone to hosepipe bans: Green wall irrigation is exempt from any bans. Treebox Green Walling systems are made from 80% recycled materials and 100% recyclable meaning they are also kind to the environment.


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Available Products (click on the links to be taken to the Treebox website for further information and product downloads)

Easiwall For small domestic applications. Walls of less than 3sqm. Comes ready assembled with screws to fix to wall and irrigation. Dimensions: 1.0m Height X 0.5m Width X 0.15m Depth Approx 15 plants per panel (or 30 per square metre) Note: This can also be used so create green walls of only 1m height to allow easy access for those with limited mobility

Easiwall Pro For larger installations (3sqm plus and up to 4 storeys high). Comes flat pack with irrigation, screws and assembly instructions but professional installation is recommended especially where the wall is more than 3m in height. Dimensions: 1.0m H X 1.0m W X 0.15m D Approx 30 plants per panel

Vertical Allotment Ideal for growing herbs, vegetables and fruit. An Easiwall panel is combined with 4 removable troughs and a trellis panel extends across the top to provide support for climbing fruit and vegetables. Dimensions: 1.5m H X 1.7m W X 0.15m D

Ivy Screens These are purpose grown Ivy walls that arrive fully mature. They are great for screening off areas of the garden for privacy (for example if you live next to a road) and are easy to maintain. They come on a wire frame in troughs, ready to plant out into the ground or into a planter. Available commercially for permanent or temporary installations. Dimensions: 1.8m/2.2m H X 1.2m W

Note: Products such as plants, irrigation timers and wall enforcements are not included and will need to purchased separately or can be arranged with the installer/designer of choice.

Green Wall Services If you would like to purchase any of these products and are based in the Northwest, or would like some advice and further information on these products and prices, please do not hesitate to contact Alex on 07711989582 or via email Alexandra Froggatt Design also offer a comprehensive installation and planting design service to help you create your perfect living wall. If you have a large area to cover, professional installation is recommended as factors such as weight load on the wall and access (over 3m in height and up to 4 storeys high) need to be considered. For a recommended installer in the northwest please contact Alex. Also Planting advice, designs and schedules can be provided to ensure you maximise the visual impact and use appropriate plants for your wall. If you have a large wall, regular maintenance is advisable by an experienced team who can come periodically to check and replace plants if necessary.

Visit the Treebox download page for more technical information and downloads