Air on a green string Tatton 2012

Alex fought off competition and was one of five chosen to create an Orchestra Themed Garden at the Tatton Flower show in 2012. Her garden ‘Air on a Green String’ takes inspiration from string instruments found in an orchestra.

Romance, Passion, Enchantment. This Italianate garden is designed to evoke some of the emotions often associated with Baroque violin music and to transport the onlooker back into a bygone era. A palette of rich reds, deep purples, pinks and white signify passion and romance, the stirring thoughts often conjured by Violin music. The raised stage is reminiscent of an Italian outdoor theatre whilst the reclaimed materials and slightly overgrown nature of the garden create an enchanting atmosphere. The ornate topiary acts to remind the viewer of shapely violins and cellos while the suspended and buried instruments add a more surreal element. Grasses and small delicate flowers create movement within the garden, representing the flow of music.

Key Plants: Dahlia ‘Chat Noir’ Filipendula plena Hemerocallis ‘Highland Lord’ Eupatorium cannabinum Dechampsia caespitosa ‘Bronzeschlier’ Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Inverleith’

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