Living Walls

Alex is a living wall expert. She been creating green walls across the UK for over a decade.

Living walls are a relatively new phenomena but until recently were only really available commercially due to the awkward nature and high expense of the early modular systems. Over the last decade, new more practical and easy to use systems have come to the market. This, combined with the visual, environmental and health benefits of creating green walls makes them a highly desirable addition to any garden and essential if you have a small, urban outdoor space.

  IMG_5981 Sloane Square for J Crew in London. Temporary wall in 2014


Living wall for Tony Wood (Garden Club London)  at RHS Tatton Flowers Show 2013  

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Private commission in Chelsea, London  

Green Wall Services If you are interested in installing a green wall and are based in the Northwest, feel free to get in touch with Alex on 07711989582 or via email

Alexandra Froggatt Design also offers a comprehensive installation and planting design service to help you create your perfect living wall. If you have a large area to cover, professional installation is recommended as factors such as weight load on the wall and access (over 3m in height and up to 4 storeys high) need to be considered. Also Planting advice, designs and schedules can be provided to ensure you maximise the visual impact and use appropriate plants for your wall. If you have a large wall, regular maintenance is advisable by an experienced team who can come periodically to check and replace plants if necessary.